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 FOALS  2023


STEFANDRIA (1999)  :  1.40 mare by CASH by 1.60 dam  JALANDRIA  v Emilion x Zeus x Nimmerdor x Courville xx   . Stefandria  is dam to  4  1.40 – 1.55 horses  .   2023 ICSI      HORSETELEX.        More info/VIDEO

ZIRKOON de SEMILLY  (2004) : sister to Taloubet Z , Big Star jr  and other 1.50 horses . Zirkoon is by  Diamant de Semilly x Krista v.Polydor )   2023 ELDORADO vd ZESHOEK HORSETELEX.        More info/VIDEO

ALANDA K (2005) :         sister to BIG STAR ,Olympic Champion  Taloubet Z x Nimmerdor x Ramiro xErdball xx ) .First offspring ( Jaloubet K )  at 7 year 1.45    HORSETELEX.        More info/VIDEO  2023 HEARTBREAKER ET 

FOR OLYMPIA  (2006) :  by For Pleasure x Quidam x   GIGANTIN  (Grannus)  = dam to FOR PLEASURE!   FOR OLYMPIA competed at 1.35 amateur level . She is sister to three 1.50 horses                                           2023 CONTHARGOS ET        HORSETELEX.        More info/VIDEO

ANNOUK van het GOOR (2007) impressive mare by Asca Z  x ARNICA v Flamenco de Semilly x FEO de Lauzelle . Annouk is sister to 3 GP horses at 1.60 level like SEACOAST PEBBLES v Andiamo , ARISTO v Picasso Z and ELNICA CL v Elvis ter Putte . Annouk is mother to recently  Z approved BIG STARBOY KB and several upcoming talented sporthorses all over the world . HORSETELEX :    2023 DENZEL vt MEULENHOF  ET

INKA van het ROOSAKKER  (2009)  by CALVARO x  Attoucha by DARCO x USHA v’t ROOSAKKER . INKA is sister to three 1.60 horses . Her first  2 offspring compete already at 1.45 level                                          2023 CHACCO BLUE, COMME il FAUT   HORSETELEX.        More info/VIDEO

LESTER van t ROOSAKKER  (2011) by ZANDOR x   IMKE vt ROOSAKKER  1.45  v .KASHMIR vt SCHUTTERSHOF  x  ELECTRA vt ROOSAKKER 1.60 m  v. CARTHAGO  x USHA  vt Roosakker 1.60 .  Her first offspring is the talented 7 year  BWP champion Onatella vt Roosakker  2023 CHACOON BLUE HORSETELEX.        More info/VIDEO

 KASSANAH HERO (2015)  by KASSSANDER vt ROOSAKKER   x  famous PANAMA du SEIGNEUR  1.60  GP v Darco  x  MIC MAC du DIEU 1.60 v Heartbreaker  x Pachat  II  . Kassanah is sister to  3 GP horses like TIC TAC du SEIGNEUR 2022   CHACCO BLUE , CORNET     HORSETELEX.        More info/VIDEO

LA BALOUBETTA vd EIJKHOF Z  (2016)  by  Baloubet du Rouet x ZIRKOON de SEMILLY  ( sister  TALOUBET  Z) v. Diamant de Semilly x Krista v Polydor        HORSETELEX.                     More info/VIDEO

 UNTOUCHABLE SYLT  (2017) v. UNTOUCHABLE x VICTORY SYLT v Emilion x Bogunda isp v. Cor de la Bryere HORSETELEX.        More info/VIDEO

 HARLOTTE  B  (2017)  by  HARLEY VDL  x LINOTTE de SOHAN 1.50 v Elanville x FEMKE P v Voltaire x Rigoletto. Sister to five 150- 1.60 horses like CHIC HIN d’HYRENCOURT  with Elisabeth Madden   HORSETELEX.        More info/VIDEO

BALOUNOTTE  v d EIJKHOF Z  (2018) by  BALOU du ROUET x LINOTTE de SOHAN  1.50 v Elanville x FEMKE P v Voltaire x Rigoletto. Sister to five 150- 1.60 horses like CHIC HIN d’HYRENCOURT  with Elisabeth Madden 2023 DIAMANT de SEMILLY   HORSETELEX.        More info/VIDEO   

ELEGANTE HERO Z ( 2019 ) by ECHO v.’t SPIEVELD  x COLIBELLE  HERO  2015 v Comme il Faut  x QUASIBELLE du SEIGNEUR v Rubens du Ry Asse  x TA BELLE v SOMBEKE  HORSETELEX More info/VIDEO 2023 COLORIT Z  ET 

EMETA van de EIJKHOF Z (2021)  by  EMERALD x WOMETA (2003)   by Calvados  x Zeus  x  full sister KANNAN = Lady Meta v. Voltaire . Wometa was at 1.40 level with Siebe Kramer. First ofspring very talented     HORSETELEX.        More info/VIDEO

VERLY CHIN van t SCHAECK  (2021) by AGANIX du SEIGNEUR x GIN TONIC de MUZE  v. Vigo d’Arsouilles  x DAYTONA de MUZE 1.60 v Cento  x WALLOON de MUZE 1.60 v. Nabab de Reve x QERLY CHIN  1.60 .  VERLY CHIN  is uterine sister to MILLION DOLLAR  v Plot Blue . HORSETELEX





2 gedachten over “LIST ALL MARES, PREGNANCIES 21/10/2022”

  1. Hello,
    I am sending this to inquire after the prices of your 2017 filly, Douglas VDL x H Amelusina

    I was also wondering if you had any of your 2017 in-utero pregnancies sexed?
    Most specifically, I would like filly(s), the pregnancies that interest me, and I would like prices for:
    2017- Casall x Orissa M
    2017- Cornet Oblensky x Wometa
    20147-Zirocco Blue VDL x Herusa

    I look forward to your response,
    Kind Regards

    1. dear mrs Janelle , sorry for my late reply but i did not check my site on time .

      the Douglas – Amelusina filly is weaned last week , she does very well . She is big size , like her mother , and jumps very well . price now 7500 € .

      the embryo s are not sexed , so i cannot give guarantee on a filly ! . The cornet embryo did not survive unluckily
      kind regards , Frank .(

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