• Frank en Thea van Eijkelenburg
  • Adress: Strubben 11, Roggel (NL)
  • Tel.: 06-29536164
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  • 2019 02/04 Filly – CASALL  x  Orissa van Quidam  (full sister of VERDI) 
  • 2019 19/05 Filly – CASALL x Inka van ’t Roosakker (sister of Electra van ’t Roosakker) (17/09/2019 at the PRINSJESDAG AUCTION in Ermelo, Netherlands)
  • 2019 01/06 Colt – CARDENTO x Zirkoon de Semilly (sister of TALOUBET Z) by Diamant de Semilly x Krista v Polydor  (25/09/2019 at the Limburg  AUCTION LVV/Hendrix Peelbergen, Netherlands) 
  • 2019 02/06 Colt – DIARADO x W. Amelusina (mother of 4 horses competing at 1.50m/1.55m) by Germus  R. x T. Amelusina by Calando I x Coriander x Joost x Abgar xx. 
  • 2019 15/06 Colt – COMME Il FAUT x Wometa (1.40m mare by Calvados x Zeus x  Lady Meta by Voltaire (full sister of KANNAN ) (25/09/2019 at the Limburg AUCTION LVV/Hendrix Peelbergen, Netherlands)
  • 2019 19-06 Colt – HALIFAX van ’t KLUIZEBOS x Inka van ’t Roosakker (mother by Calvaro x Darco x Usha). Inka van ’t Roosakker has 3 brothers competing at 1.60m level.


  • 2017 UNTOUCHABLE SYLT VAN DE EIJKHOF Z – Filly by Untouchable x Victory Sylt by Emilion x Classic Sylt ISJ by cor de la Bryere.
  • 2018 Filly – CICERO X ZIRKOON DE SEMILLY by Diamant x Polydor. This filly is a sister of TALOUBET.
  • 2018 Colt – CORNET x DARCO x Voltaire x Hejaz (van ’t Merelsnest)
  • 2018 Filly – ASCA Z x LORDANOS x Ceasar van de Helle (half sister of NABAB DE REVE)

ET-Pregnancies 2020:

  • 2020 04/04 ET-pregnancy – CONTHARGOS x FOR OLYMPIA (For Pleasure x Quidam x GIGANTIN by Grannus, mother of FOR PLEASURE). For Olympia competed at amateur 1.30m level and has 3 brothers competing at GP level.   
  • 2020 21/04 ET-pregnancy – CHACCO BLUE x ZIRKOON DE SEMILLY by Diamant de Semilly x Krista by Polydor (sister TALOUBET Z) 
  • 2020 23/04 ET-pregnancy – CASALL x INKA van ’t ROOSAKKER (sister of 3 horses competing at 1.60m level) (mother by Calvaro x Darco x USHA) 
  • 2020 03/05 ET-pregnancy – HEARTBREAKER x ALANDA by Taloubet x Nimmerdor (sister of BIG STAR) 
  • 2020 28/05 ET-pregnancy – QUICKSTAR  x ALANDA by Taloubet x Nimmerdor (sister of BIG STAR) 

Frozen embryos:

  • CHACCO BLUE x ALANDA by Taloubet x Nimmerdor (sister of BIG STAR)
  • HEARTBREAKER x ALANDA (sister of BIG STAR) by Taloubet x Nimmerdor
  • QUICKSTAR x ALANDA by Taloubet x Nimmerdor (sister of BIG STAR)  
  • CHACCO BLUE x JEWEL van het HEIKE (full sister of VALENTINA van het HEIKE)


  • 2013 Nevada van ’t Merelsnest by Darco x Artemis van ’t Merelsnest by Voltaire x Idjaz C by Hedjaz (motherline Saphire, Glasgow). Pregnant by ELDORADO VAN DE ZESHOEK (2020)


  • 2012 Herusa S (Tornesch x Katinka (prest.) by Ramiro x Brigitte (prest.) by Le Mexico). Motherline Etoulon, Tereusa, Pitareusa GP. After 2 foals now competing at 1.20m level. Herusa S has 3 brothers competing at 1.50m level.           
  • 2015 Airbreaker Z – Mare by Big Boy  x HEARTBREAKER x PILOT. Airbreaker Z is a halfsister of E-STAR. Now competing at 1.00m level.

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